Sharlene Kemler is the founder and CEO of SK Philanthropy, an award-winning consulting firm that is redefining how culture and giving intersect in the humanitarian space. Since starting SKP in 2014, Kemler has managed campaigns for Ben & Jerry’s, UN Women, Procter & Gamble, Viacom, Grey Global Group, the Marsha P. Johnson Institute, Loveland Foundation and numerous other organizations. She has established strategic partnerships for Burton Snowboards, BET, MTV, NowThis, and led a World AIDS Day takeover in Time Square. SKP has facilitated numerous celebrity partnerships, including such household names as Kendrick Lamar, Coldplay, Juanes, Snoop Dogg, Pyer Moss, Madonna, Saint Heron, and Alicia Keys. Since starting SKP, Kemler has raised over $150 million in both donations and donated services for her nonprofit clients. 

Sharlene Kemler was recently named as one of ten honorees for the inaugural Black Women Give Back List—a partnership between the Women’s Philanthropy Institute, The Women Invested to Save Earth (WISE) Fund, and Black Philanthropy Month. Her work has been featured in Elle, Billboard Magazine, Rolling Stone, Cosmopolitan, The Root, the Obama Foundation and CNN. Kemler is committed to inspiring both companies and individuals alike to rethink the ways they give, with a focus on community-based solutions, long-term sustainability, and meaningful impact for the communities that need it most.

SKP is focused on creating consistent coalitions that will provide sustainable giving over years, leaving the piecemeal donations that have so long plagued the philanthropic world in the past. Kemler believes in bringing companies and nonprofits together to make true and lasting change benefiting communities that are all too often denied institutional support. A former Peace Corps volunteer, Sharlene Kemler currently lives with her son and husband in Brooklyn, New York.

Creating Social Change Through Partnerships

Most donors have a misconception of what it takes to establish and run a well organized non-profit. They establish non-profits because they believe non-profits are low –risk investments, which is false.  It can take up to 2 years to start a nonprofit and the average yearly operating cost for a nonprofit ranges from 100k-150k. By illustrating to our clients that their donation can go further by investing in a nonprofit with a mission statement that aligns closely to their interests, we are able to have a sustainable impact on social issues through great partnerships.

Unlike our competitors we encourage donors to NOT start up their own nonprofits due to the vast number of nonprofits worldwide. With over two million nonprofits registered within the United States, why start a new one when you can support a great hidden gem?



SK Philanthropy (SKP) is a Brooklyn-based philanthropic consulting firm that provides comprehensive consulting services to pro-athletes, entertainers, individual donors, corporations and nonprofits. Our mission is to maximize the efficiency of our client’s donations towards causes that are aligned with their philanthropic goals. We craft creative, constructive, socially-conscious and personalized philanthropic approaches to solving important social issues. Our work is driven by the needs of our clients. We support our clients by gaining a clear understanding of their motivations, values and goals.

SKP is a full-service consulting firm, in which we provide the following services:

Philanthropic Consulting

- Landscape Analysis
- Nonprofit Matching
- High Impact Investment Plan
- Philanthropy 101 Overview

Nonprofit Development

- Social Cause Marketing
- Partnership Development
- Nonprofit Assessment and Development
- Strategic Planning

Corporate Social Impact Consulting

- Landscape Analysis
- Nonprofit Matching
- Sustainable High Impact Investment Plan
- CSR Assessment and Development
- Philanthropy 101 Overview


Sharlene was just named one of 10 honorees selected for the inaugural Black Women Give Back List—a partnership between the Women’s Philanthropy Institute, The Women Invested to Save Earth (WISE) Fund and Black Philanthropy Month.

Gold Effie Award
Sol de Plata Award


Strategic Partners